What Would You Do If You Aren’t Afraid?

“What would you do if you aren’t afraid?”
Sheryl Sandberg tells us to ask ourselves this question in her book Lean In.

Lean In

Unknowingly, women tend to stay in the background. They don’t ‘sit at the table.’ This is mainly because of fear of being outcasted by their peers. We feel that if we voice out our queries, suggestions others might find us bossy.

A girl trying to get her way is bossy whereas a boy is just merely ‘trying to make his way.’


This point was also made by Emma Watson in her HeForShe Campaign speech. And it was then for the first time that I registered this reaction. The point hit home. If I told someone to do something, I was being bossy and stubborn. This is not the same for my male counterparts.

If you don’t give women a chance and try not to ridicule them, maybe they’ll shine.

Then again, isn’t that what our society is afraid of? Women excelling…..

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