We Women Face This👇

I just happened to be reading some women related blogs when I found this blog. It sums up all the shit that women go through.


It is agonizing to see women being discriminated upon indirectly. Sometimes the law doesn’t work because it too discriminates.

The people in charge try to save their own asses. And of course in all the bribery nonsense, the victim losses her voice.

Just like that, a similar case happened in India. The guy who was a part of the Delhi rape case that literally shaped the nation, was let out of prison. The victim of the rape case died after a struggle and the entire nation was put to shame, yet after the guy who turned into an adult by law (ie. he turned 18) was released with a new identity and everything.

If he was a ‘minor’ when he raped that girl, then how did he come to commit such a horrendous crime? On top of it all, the court gives him another chance at life when the innocent victim lost hers.


I really am not able to understand such situations. On one hand, people talk of women rights and on the other, they get women to shame.

Compounding discrimination and gender inequality, do read this blog – http://wp.me/p7fMnM-8w

4 thoughts on “We Women Face This👇

      1. Ofcourse not. But now its the time to yourself protect your pride and body. Be bold girl

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