Women Are Gifted

“You are gifted. You are meant to fly and not hide behind someone. You are meant to lead and not follow blindly like a donkey.” A woman said to her daughter.

She continued, “Whatever you do, I trust you. I know I’ve raised you well. I know that you’ll stand for yourself and stand by your values. Remember, I’ll always be there. If you ever need me, think of me, call me. I may not always be able to help you but I will certainly lend a ear.”
Imagine someone say these words to you. It is so empowering. These simple words have the power to set a lost soul free.
The hitch is that the exact opposite of the above speech is said by most parents to their daughters. Society wants women to belittle themselves so that in the end they can put their hands up and blame us.
This must stop and by encouraging other women, we can stop this.
Women must stop viewing each other as a competition. They must view each other like sisters and strong allies. We must build a close knit women community. This will guarantee a lot of solutions to our problems of domestic violence, abuse, lack of education and many other issues. If women can support each other, there is nothing like it.
I encourage you to say those above words to anyone who needs help.
That speech that this mother gave her daughter, uplifted her and uplifted me when I heard these words.
Think about it, and let me know….

3 thoughts on “Women Are Gifted

  1. You are super inspiring girl. 😍😍😍
    Never forget to give your views on my posts as well. Would be happy if you would join the “break the stereotype,girls” protest. 😘

    Liked by 1 person

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